Disassembling Maze Master

I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game in the mid-80’s.

Maze Master is rather simple RPG, kind of 3D rogue game, where player must create a party of 3 characters and defeat monsters through a 5 levels dungeon.

A fine review has been posted on rpggamer.com


This game has been coded by Michael Cranford, famous creator of “The Bard’s tale” serie of games.

I’ve always wondered how this ‘high resolution’ 3D view of maze was done on the commodore 64. Thus, I’ve enterily disassembled and commented the binary code to figure out…

In a following serie of articles, we will see how this game has been designed and implemented !

But for now, you can try out this game using the great commodore 64 emulator Jac64.

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